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Date: Nov 10 2008 06:05:25 :
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File Management

The File Management module has been improved quite a lot in the new Lazy Panda for iPhone version. Directory path, directory bookmarks, browse history, file filter and other functions have been added. And in addition, with the newly added local directory button, the files in your local computer will be displayed quickly. We can say, with File Management function, you can throw away WinScp which has high requirements.

Upload file : upload files/directories to your iPhone, an you can also create files/directories on your iPhone;

Delete : delete files/directories from you iPhone;

Display local directory : after clicking this button, you'll notice that the whole File Management interface is cut into two parts. The lower part is about the data in your local computer;

Historical browse history : through these three buttons, you can quickly view your file directory browse history;

Refresh : this is a newly added function. Through this button, you can refresh the files displayed on File Management Interface;

Serach : through entering keywords, you can easily find the files on your iPhone;

Browse path : it shows the complete path of the current directory;

Bookmark : you can add the file folder paths you frequently use into Bookmark. Through the bookmark menu, you can easily find the directory you’ve bookmarked;

Filter : put in keywords in Filter, and then File Manager will automatically filter out the files/directories containing such keywords and help you easily find the files/directories you’re looking for.

Lazy Panda for iPhone added a new function which enables you to Change Attributes while transmitting files. You can only change the attributes of files, or change the attributes of subfolders and files.

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