How to add new contact to your iPhone through Lazy Panda for iPhone

Date: Dec 16 2008 03:41:18 :
Keyword: Lazy Panda,contact,management
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Connect your iPhone to your computer and run Lazy Panda for iPhone. Then click the Management button. Click Contacts to enter the Contacts interface.

Click New and select Add Group, then a dialog box will pop up. Put in group game and click Confirm. The newly added group will appear under the Group column.


To add a new contact, simply select the “Add Contact” option, then an edit column will appear on the bottom of the interface. Just go ahead and put in contact details there. Click Save when you everything is done.

And you can click the  icon to add more contact details.

To categorize your contacts, you only have to right click the contact name, select “Add to Group” option in the right-click menu and choose a contact group. Then the contact will be found in that group.

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