How to add eBooks to your iPhone

Date: Dec 18 2008 06:12:13 :
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Lazy Panda for iPhone offers an eBook management tool that is supported by Panda Reader. You can conveniently upload your eBooks to iPhone and read them with Panda Reader

Connect your iPhone to your computer and run Lazy Panda for iPhone. Click the Management button, and then the Books icon to enter the Books interface.

Click the Add button, and select either Add Books, Create Folder, Upload File or Upload Directory to proceed.

Add Books: This option allows you to upload eBooks in the formats which are not supported by Panda Reader. Select Add Books, and a window like below will pop up. Click Add to select the eBook you want to upload.

When the eBook is selected, click Next, then Lazy Panda for iPhone will convert the eBook into the formats supported by Panda Reader. You can tick Auto-split to split a large file into several smaller files that fit your reading habits. And you can tick the box in the front of the Paragraph option to divide the eBook into paragraphs. Moreover, you can decide whether to create a new folder on your iPhone for the eBook or not. When everything is done, click Next to proceed.

Put in the eBook name and choose a category for the eBook and click Next to save the eBook.

Create Folder: If you want to create a custom folder for the eBook, select Create Folder, and there will pop up a dialog box. Put in the name of the folder and click Confirm.

Upload File or Upload Directory: If the eBooks on your computer are in the formats supported by Panda Reader, you can select Upload File or Upload Directory. There will pop up a dialog box to let you select the eBook or the directory you want to upload to iPhone. If you select Upload File, the pop-up dialog box will be like below.

If you select Upload Directory, the pop-up dialog box will be like below:

After you select a file or a directory, Lazy Panda for iPhone will start to upload it.

When the upload completes, the file/directory will appear under the category you've selected.

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