Back up and recover your iPhone data

Date: Dec 18 2008 06:46:32 :
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Lazy Panda for iPhone can help you back up and recover your iPhone data conveniently.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and run Lazy Panda for iPhone. Click on the System button, and then the Backup icon to enter the Backup interface.

Click the Add button and select what you want to back up onto your computer. Then a file browser window will appear. Select the folder you want to back up the data and click Confirm.

Then the folder will appear on the right of the interface. And you can add remarks in the Remark column located on the bottom of the interface. When everything is done, click the Backup button to proceed.

Then a window like below will pop up.

When the backup completes, a dialog box will pop up. Just click OK to finish the process. 


To restore your iPhone data from your computer, click on the System button, and then the Restore icon to enter the Restore interface.

Then click the Add button.

A file browser window like below will appear. Select a backup file you want to restore to your iPhone. (Note: The suffix for backup file is .Info.)

Then you can see the backup file you've selected appear under the Available Backup column.

If there are some items you do not want to restore, you can remove the ticks from the boxes in front of them. And you can also edit remarks in the Remark column, and do remember to click Modify after finishing the edit.

And the last step, click Restore.

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