How to use File Management functions

Date: Dec 24 2008 01:32:27 :
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Lazy Panda for iPhone provide powerful file management functions for all the users. You can create a new file and edit an already existing file. Additionally, you can add files to your Favorites so that you can quickly access to them.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and run Lazy Panda for iPhone. Click the System button. Then click the Files icon to enter the File Management interface.

Click the  icon, select either New File, New Folder, Upload File or Upload Directory to proceed.

New File: This option allows you to create common format files on your iPhone, such as TXT, DOC, HTML and so on. Select New File and an edit window like below will pop up. Input the name of the file, and you can change the file format by changing the file’s suffix. You can click More to edit file attributes.

New Folder: Select New Folder, and there will pop up an attribute edit window. Put in the name of the folder and edit the folder attributes, then click Confirm.

Upload File or Upload Directory: Select Upload File or Upload Directory. There will pop up a dialog box prompting you to select the file or the directory you want to upload to iPhone. If you select Upload File, the pop-up dialog box will be like below.

If you select Upload Directory, the pop-up dialog box will be like below:

After you select a file or a directory, iPhone PC Suite will pop up an attribute edit window.

Click Confirm, then iPhone PC Suite will start to upload the file or folder.

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