How to make your own PXL Package

Date: Dec 28 2008 06:18:58 :
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Lazy Panda for iPhone provides you a powerful tool to make PXL packages. It can convert APP or IPA files into PXL files.

Connect iPhone to your computer and run Lazy Panda for iPhone. Click the System button and select Software Package to enter the Software Package interface.

Lazy Panda for iPhone will automatically create a new empty solution (PXL package) for you. If you want to package APP into PXL format, click Add Folder to add a folder with .app extension. Then the folder will appear on the center of the interface.

You can make settings to the PLX package you want to make.

1. Files. Through the files settings, you can edit the destination directory of the files you want to save as well as file Owner and file Authority. And please be noted that we generally select 'mobile' for the file Owner option.

When you click the  icon to change the destination directory, there will pop up a window like below. Select a directory and click confirm.

2. Package Info. Click Package info, then Lazy Panda for iPhone will display the information about the APP pack and you can edit the information as you like. For example, you can edit the package description in the Description column, and you can select the firmware that the PXL package is applicable to by ticking the boxes in the front of them. 

But if the PXL package you’re installing to your iPhone is not applicable to any firmware you’ve selected, there will pop up a message window like below.

And please be noted that you’re strongly suggested not to edit Version and Identifier.

3. After Installation. It allows you to set the operations after the PXL package is installed such as adding folder or changing file permissions.

4. Before Uninstallation. It allows you to set the operations before uninstalling any PXL package such as deleting some additional files.

5. Package Script. It allows you to edit the whole setting script.

But if you have no idea about the setting script, we strongly suggest you to skip the last three settings.

In addition, you can test the process of installation or uninstallation by clicking Install Test or Uninstall Test.

When everything is done, click the Make button on the bottom and there will pop up a dialog window like below. You can input the file name and choose the file type, then click Save, then you’ll successfully make a PXL package.

After the PXL package is successfully made, you can use PXL Viewer to check the information about the PXL package.

If you want to convert IPA files into PXL files, just click Open ipa and choose an IPA file. Then follow the above procedures to proceed.

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