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Date: Jul 15 2009 01:39:57 :
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 PC Suite for Android, developed by NetDragon Websoft Inc., is a third-party management tool for Android smart phones used on PC. With its beautiful interface and convenient operation, it provides a set of perfect solutions to tackle the absence of a convenient supporting PC tool for Android smart phones and brings you a brand new happy experience.

After constant efforts and innovations, NetDragon Websoft Inc. released  PC Suite for Android. Today, what we want to introduce to you is right the PC Suite for this version.

I. Home interface

According to the use habit of users and interface layout, the home interface of  PC Suite is divided into six parts, with details of each part as follows:

1.        System related, you can click it to view relevant software, system setting info, language selection, software updates checking and selection, etc.;

2.        Function tabs of PC Suite, you can click each button to enter different function categories quickly;

3.        Shortcut menus, it displays several most frequently used functions, including “Files”, “Docs”, “Apps”, “My SMS”, “Log off” and “Restart” these six functions;

4.        Shortcut news, it provides you with latest information, original evaluation articles, tutorials, mobile phone knowledge center and other contents in mobile phone platform;

5.        Connected or not, this area will display whether the phone has been successfully connected to C Suite.

6.        Recommended software, films and books column, it provides you with more practical software, fair-sounding music and good books.

According to the relations between relevant modules on the home interface, modules 3, 4, 5 and 6 are classified as shortcut menu module as shown in the following figure:


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