PC Suite for iPhone Updated to V2.8.0.118

Date: Feb 08 2010 08:36:22 :
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Update Log:

Feb. 7, 2010

New Functions:
1.Added Group Filter of contacts in “Chat”, allowing you to select a contract group quickly to send bulk SMS messages, besides, added the clear contacts option;
2.Now if 91 Call Show has been installed on your phone, you will be able to update call show avatar, emotion, comment and message on PC, which can thus save your GPRS traffic;
3.Added Custom Gift (Beta) in “Pictures”, where Gift DIY feature is available for you to choose your favorite pictures in your phone or PC and print them on various gifts, including cups, T-shirts, mouse pads, crystal ornaments, picture albums, desk calendars, etc.;
4.Added Random function in “Wallpapers” and “Themes”, which provides random wallpaper and themes for you to choose from. Meanwhile, it also recommends you different categories of random content (if you click “Random” when browsing content under a specific category, only content under this category will be recommended to you randomly);
5.Added 91 Call Show Auto-update Setting in “Setting”;
6.Added “RotateLeft/RotateRight” in thumbnail preview of “Pictures”, and now when you put your mouse over a thumbnail, related info of the picture will pop up;
7.Added “All Apps” under the “Downloaded” category of “Apps”, apps under this category won’t be filtered; added the option that allows you to delete apps incompatible with current firmware and delete apps of earlier versions (with latest version retained);
8.Added support for reading and exporting music and video on firmware 3.X in “iPod”, but currently not support for adding, editing and deleting music.

Function Improvements:
1.Optimized contact import/export in “One-key Transfer” and “Network Backup &Restore” as well as vCard import/export in “Contacts”, to guarantee the integrality of contact data;
2.Optimized the file transfer interface in “Files” and modified the original destination folder path to source folder path;
3.Now no repeated prompt window will pop up when you delete repeated events in “Calendar”;
4.Now when you disconnect your phone during auto-backup, the backup window will be closed and the backup progress will be cancelled automatically;
5.Modified the storage path of project resources in the configuration info generated by PXL installation package maker in “Software Package” to relative path, so that you can back up the project for use in different computers and make it compatible with project configuration of earlier version;
6.Improved the RSS news update flow. Now no phone log-off is required after you update RSS news;
7.Updated the caller location database and added more 186 and 189 phone number data;
8.Optimized the interface of One-key Transfer and added the animation effect;
9.Other improvements.

Bug Fixes:
1.Resolved the problem that SMS data backed up on firmware 2.X cannot be restored to firmware 3.X;
2.Fixed the group info loss of bulk SMS messages during One-key Transfer or Network Backup/Restore;
3.Resolved the problem that if you delete original pictures and add new pictures in “Pictures” on firmware 3.X, thumbnails of the newly added pictures cannot be correctly displayed;
4.Resolved the problem that when you are performing one-key transfer or network backup/restore, the read log of latest PandaReader cannot be exported;
5.Resolved the problem that after you restore data to firmware 3.X via One-key Transfer or Network Backup/Restore, the date in Notes may be incorrect;
6.Resolved the problem that the sending time of SMS messages cannot be correctly displayed when you transfer data from S40 phones;
7.Resolved the problem that when you click “Sync to Phone” in “Alarm Clock” for multiple times quickly, several sync progresses may be activated at the same time;
8.Resolved the problem that the permission of notes folder may be changed to “root” after notes are restored to a newly jail-broken phone;
9. Resolved the problem that when you are downloading wallpaper or theme resources, if you have to click on an item for several times because of network lag, there may be several downloading progress bars;
10.Resolved the problem that when you are importing high-definition pictures in “Pictures”, the imported pictures may be blurred;
11.Fixed the database error in “iPod”;
12.Fixed other bugs.

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