PandaApp for Android

Pandaapp is a free app that allows you to visit Pandaapp Android resources with your Android devices. Download and install the latest apps, remove the apps you have installed and update the apps when the newer versions are available, manage the apps easily just on your Android device, no need cable, no need PC, Let Pandaapp free your android life.

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3,000,000 People in the world are using.

Latest Version: 1.4.1
Size : 2020 kb


Sync Files Seamlessly
Sync your personal files and documents between your device and PC effortlessly!
Backup/Restore Data
Backup contacts and Apps to your PC. Transfer contacts between Android phone & iPhone.
Easy App Management
Download, install, and update apps using the App manager with a single click.
Trendy Resources
Trendy apps, games ready for download. No more aimless searching on the web.

PandaApp for iPhone

The official PandaApp app is the best source for the latest Apple news, PandaApp is covered the latest news, how-to, photo and review on gadgets and technology. PandaApp always adheres to the concepts of information freedom, share and free of charge, PandaApp team of editors with unmatched passion and an obsessive attention to detail to report everything you want to know about iOS devices, The iPhone app delivers that experience straight to your iPhone or iPod touch, instantly.

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200,000 People in the world are using.

Latest Version: 1.0
Size : 779 kb


Trending Apple News
Get noticed with the Most Recent/Trending Apple News
Tutorials for iPhone
With Help From Detailed Apple Tutorials
Latest Galleries
Browse the latest galleries on
Offline Reading
Save News/Tutorials for Offline Reading


PandaZune for Windows PC is an application suite. PandaZune can let Windows phone users search the PandaApp Marketplace application, download the xap packages and deploy any application to a WP7 device. Like other apps in PandaApp, PandaZune is totally free for unlocked windows phone 7 users, here are some clarified key features in PandaZune

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100,000 People in the world are using.

Latest Version: 1.1
Size : 1677 kb


Install xap files
Deploy local xap files into Windows Phone 7 device without Zune
Pandaapp Marketplace
Pandaapp Widnows Phone Marketplace embedded
Mango on the run
Mango supported
Fast download
Fast download and deploy xap files all in PandaZune

Hot Mobile News by PandaApp

PandaApp Gadget for Windows 7 & Vista is a very easy way to learn what happens in rapid change mobile-tech world, With this "Hot Mobile News" gadget, you can watch the hottest mobile News on your Windows 7 or Vista desktop, including the latest news about your iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 and Tablet, Save your time to find news, just let the right news find you.

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Latest Version: 1.0
Size : 151 kb


Pandaapp on desktop
Pandaapp news gadget for Windows 7 and Vista Users
Hottest trends
Read the hottest trends on your PC desktop
Small but powerful
Small size of the gadget for your PC
Non-Stop Update
Update everyday with the newest mobile news

Pandaapp Mobile Verison Online Now

Pandaapp Mobile verison knows your smartphone better, even know you better, it's a better place to show Pandaapp contents on your phone, no matter you use iPhone, Android or Windows phone, just browse on your phone, you will see a special optimal designed mobile web page for your phone screen

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All redesigned Pandaapp for your smartphone.
Suit your phone screen
Special optimal designed mobile web page suit your phone screen well.
Full contents
Full of Pandaapp contents shown in your phone better.
Easy switch
Automatic switch, mobile version know your phone better.

User Comments

  • amoslee

    That's what I call Android market alternative. I use Pandaapp everyday, with this app I always can download the apps I want you guys did a great work, but compare to Google play it's still a little draggy I hope the app can have more recommend for different people

  • IronKK

    Thanks to the app, I have got tons of apps , though still some crash on my galaxy s3

  • TomBing123

    hey man, just thks for recommendation, so useful, &run quite well on my device

  • carola

    thanks for PANDAAPP...i can play all games free!

  • Avatarforever

    this is definitely great app! stable and neat, my favorite one!

  • cindyty163

    so many free apps for downloading, love pandaapp

  • TomKing2003

    my mobile life can't live without pandaapp already, and I hope Pandaapp can more and more apps to download for free